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RebeleWear Nomad Tour 2016

by Cristiana Bobarnac 02 Sep 2015 0 Comments


I am Cristiana, owner and designer at RebelleWear. I am happy to share my journey with you and I hope you will find inspiration for following your own dreams.

I am this year traveling to different locations of the world and bringing some of my favorite creations of clothes or jewelry I collected traveling in Bali or India. The clothing is very practical and comfortable, made form natural, carefully selected materials and accessories are symbols of a free, hippie culture of my generation, symbols for all of us that travel and experiement with our own lifestyles to see what we can create anew to express our love for freedom, art, dance, music, all the good things in life. Also, part of my mission is to inspire each one of you to live to your potential without fear, putting your trust in this crazy world of ours and in your own right to be a fully alive, blessed and blissed individual, capable to find yourself, create yourself, enjoy a beautiful and magical life!

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