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Grace, Beauty, Abundance

by Cristiana Bobarnac 10 Feb 2023 0 Comments


Choosing Marketing smart technologies

Use an easy platform

Get better results with little stress

total freedom

One skill the difference between survival mode and surplus

I have learned to trust my hustle, live with heart, feel the magic of your #life and amazing contribution through my giving and receiving

this world! #confidencemeow is a #fashion collection #created to remind #women to go about
each day with self-respect and unabashed confidence in themselves in the beauty of their
bodies and what they can achieve, that they are amazing just the way the are, raw, #natural
Way to often, especially when we are very young we analyze ourselves so harshly based on
certain standards of beauty and appearance or based on performing to fit into all the roles of
succeeding in career and taking care of a home & maybe being there for everyone!

For many
years the feminine was silenced and not honored as equal to the masculine. So now everything
is changed and as unconscious mentalities are slowest to adapt we remind you and ourselves
about this inner confidence of knowing we are enough and wonderful! As Audrey Hepburn says : I am not a One in a million kind of girl, I am a once in your lifetime kind of woman. 
Big love, live with #courage and knowyourworth
I create my entire life as a Work of Art.
I live in Grace, Beauty, Abundance and divinity.

Total freedom in our businesses

I am confident to enter the void.
I am free to follow my heart’s desires.
I look at obstacles as messages.
I am excited for this life that I create.
I take full responsibility for my life.

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